Seems like a dream




I’ve been trying to capture the feeling of my dream state from last night.
It’s stayed with me all through the day. Ephemeral. Other-worldly.

Aware in the dream I am dead. No longer in a physical form and I’m asking people I know to help complete some tasks so I can have closure. I remember hearing the word closure. They’re not grand requests, in fact they seem administrative; get this signed, send this in. I’m differentiating the understanding that it’s not just my consciousness that’s interacting but that in fact, I’m no longer in a physical form. There’s no fear or discomfort that I  don’t have a body. I just remember thinking, “this is new.”

Perhaps the dream-time moved me to a new now?


And Yet…..


Watching another dismantling of a power structure.

and yet.

Divine feminine will not be silenced.

Again and again, clear/precise/resonant direction
comes from feet touching earth, inhaling pine and juniper and aspen.
Witnessing robin, sparrow, stellar and piñon jay; these are the truest teachers.
My four-legged’s bring me into truth and clarity, and present moment awareness.

and yet.

Madona-whore mythology awaits recognition of true identity.
re-balancing is frought with confusion.

and yet.

I take refuge in buddha (my inner knowing),
dharma (heart-to-womb/telling from source/landscape
sangha (plants & animals & all sentient beings)

shinrinyoku:forest bathing.

no small thing




imagine five lightning streaks of iridescent blue shooting out
from points earthed.

imagine: to form a mental image of (something not present): plan,
scheme, suppose, guess.
imagine there’s no heaven.
imagine magic.
one monk says, one stitch follows another,
the other responds, “how can you be so clueless?”
i say, “listen.”
the one monk asks, “how do you mend then?”
a broken heart?


Just Fine

a flower essence finds its way more than 5000 miles to my mailbox
in the span of two weeks.
hellebore and the power of the feminine.
heart to womb is where the true strength lies.
the mind takes care of itself.
when i say, “i think”, i’m touching my heart.
mary magdalene; deep woven wisdom strength gentle
nothing to fear.
true grace is fierce,
not aggression.
lilith in the marrow.
she’s been waiting
for you.

two behind, unsure.
love this 60+ year old body.
skin and bone and blood and water.
decay, what of it?
forsythia dazzles,
daffodils illumine,
i only want to trust the plants.
there’s ringing in the ears;
this lets me know i am hearing.
just fine.

pay attention.