New year/new stones


Week 1 – Kindness

air still cool
holding the rake with gloves
first time in a new year
sweeping old detritus
making space for new growth.

sounds abound
bird cacophony
stringed symphony in traveling steel
whirling agitator in the washing machine
privilege of sound;
and heard.

i. pride & inspiration

black dressed woman, her back to the audience
arms rise, all eyes on her
slowly, separate and distinct; alto and tenor sax, piano, bass, guitar, drums
and then
a beautiful interweaving of textures and patterns and sounds
that reach
our women ancestors dancing joyfully, beaming with pride.

ii evolving

7am text
take me to the e.r.
this morning sick and yet, i see you strong, resolute.
once my baby boy; now,
a “growing into” man-child.
98 pounds
another wake up call
and we both find another letting go.



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