Clear & Windy/Listening

Week 2 Listening
~3 questions:
i.What sounds can i hear?
ii. Where is my body making contact with the world?
iii. What can i feel inside my body?


living in nature, she’s always available.
deep listening found in the solar plexus;
not an audible sound and yet clearly felt.
learning to trust this.


milk chocolate toffee and a childhood memory brown wrapper
curating old journals, preparing for a new container (garbage).
no, not the writing
i read and remember, having a felt experience, in my solar plexus, a name, and i felt it as truth and i made myself choose. a method of survival. no one forced me.
you know the things you never reveal?
today, the memory is found in the lower left hip;
a ping; recorded codes.
trumpets call out the running in a field of golden hues.


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