More kindness

Three Steller’s Jay’s perch on empty-branched chinese maple
bring me out of me
gratitude opens to the fullness
of grace.


privilege and body awareness

water flowing from a tap
warm running car
down jacket
not one but many scarves

achey arms, from all day keyboard activity?
sore neck and back;
perhaps the body simply
wanting to remind me she’s here.


transitional nourishment

soft pale blue sky, brush painted clouds,
brown furred four legged greeting at the door~


hibiscus tea, golden honey; tar-like, purple blackened ume plum
pollen eyed weepy gaze
gentle movement into twilight.

soft. strong and fragile.


the healer~

emotional pain; Chiron peaking out reminding.
she is holder of the pain and the healing.

fullness/tightening in through chest walls moving out.

slamming the door; did the sound clear the history?
can you really take a mountain-sized yesness of
“everything matters”?

when this happens, you (i) shut mouth and open the heart.

who deserves mercy more than the owner?


saturn container takes the feeling, garnered from
thought ^ brain? ^ to a corner of the left shoulder
^ brown
down to the lower waist ^ deep blue,
back up to the four chambers of the heart.

drive, took myself for a walk and brought the dog.
immersion into epsom salts; rose, geranium, and lavender scents
the teacher says, “stay with the situation”.
not leaning in/not pushing away- simply
being. (remembering kindness


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