Sober Words


part i.
Five years ago today, i listened to my entire being and at 10 pm at night, got on the internet and stared at the google search area and typed in “AA meetings in Santa Fe, NM.” The following morning awaking to a yearning so clear and bright; I drove to a small community outside of Santa Fe, pulling up and stopping across the street from a small church I’d never seen before.

Cosmic radar.

Getting out of the car and crossing the street where, next to the church, was a small archway, and through it a sitting garden. Across the archway scored into the adobe were the words, “Mary, mediatrix of all graces.” i’ve always had a connection with Mary, having been brought up in a very strict irish catholic home. She was the tour guide for this part of the journey. After staying for a while and contemplating my next move, i drove back home and searched the internet for this phrase, “Mary mediatrix of all graces.” In the roman catholic church, the description is that, “The recourse we have to Mary in prayer follows upon the office she continuously fills by the side of god as Mediatrix of Divine grace.” In other words, Mary’s got our back and always goes to bat for those who seek her out. She is divine energy and (in my mind) available to all seekers of any faith or path.

Grace unfolded.

Five years alcohol free, I’ve never looked back.
I am filled and spill out this gift.

part ii.
did you know, that if you relax the shoulders, your hearing improves?


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