small stone #13

holding #8 steel blue knitting needles, 40 garter stitches, nothing fancy. I’m making a scarf, I’m always making a scarf and it doesn’t seem to really matter that I don’t have a finished product. That’s not why I knit. Right now, it’s mostly about bringing my mind into the present moment, staying aware of my breath…breathing in bring right needle under loop on left needle, loop yarn around, over, feel the drag of the wool yarn across my index finger, pull the needle through and voila! another stitch is born…breathing out start again. Keep the yarn just so…not too taught, not too loose…the middle way…keeping the hands busy, the mind occupied, the shoulders down and relaxed, the head tipped slightly down but not strained. I think I love to knit.

small stone#6

this is mindfulness:
bending head back in the shower stall feeling the hot water soak my head and clear my mind.
bending over, bending knee, grabbing shoe with both hands, pulling back the tongue, pushing the foot inside, giving it it’s home for stepping out into the world.
moving hand holding cup to mouth, tasting first bursts of fresh ground french roast coffee, sliding down the back of my throat, being reminded to be present with the words that move out into the atmosphere this day.